For 25 years Phillip Coyle was in the sheet metal trade as a specialty welder which required a particular set of skills that included being fit, focused and disciplined.  During his time as a specialty welder he had to endure extreme temperatures for long periods of time, maintain positions for hours on end, climb scaffolds on the edges of NYC buildings with high elevations and heavy equipment. Successfully navigating all of this was dependant on his level of concentration, focus and awareness of potential hazards in the periphery that could harm himself and others. It was here in this environment he realized that he had to be smart about how he handled himself on a daily basis.  He did this through a parallel course during those same 25 years doing internal and external martial arts, maintaining a fitness regimen and practicing Chi Gong (Qigong) that helped him with his high level of performance.  It was during these years that he realized that all the work he did in that parallel course had carryover into his life at work.  He maintains what he calls the four pillars he believes in to this day to live a healthy and successful life. These are a combination of proper

  1. discipline
  2. exercise of mind, body and energy
  3. nutrition, and
  4. rest.

These create the proper mindset that carries over into all aspects of life.

During his time as a welder, Phil traveled over the years to study with many masters of martial arts and qigong and after retiring from sheet metal and welding, studied various genres of fitness as well. He opened his own studio and continued his search for an enlightened and holistic approach that included both the physical and internal fortitude he knew was so important.  He was drawn to creating his own solution.  It was after meeting Joseph Ng, a master of internal energy, herbalist and martial artist pushed his skill to a higher level and that propelled him to create and  develop a synergistic movement system that is what he calls the Power Chi Fit System.


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